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We deliver visible benefits without stress and mess for pet parents.

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Woof Wuffet aims to deliver customized, affordable, high-quality homemade meals and treats for pets, using the finest human-grade natural ingredients because we believe right nutrition is vital to pets living long, healthy, and happy lives.

Our promise – Tasty nutrition for fur babies – will deliver visible benefits without stress and mess for pet parents.

Hi, my name is Shaoon and I began the journey of understanding pet nutrition in 2017 to better provide for my babies and ensure they are getting the best there is while maintaining ideal weights. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. Pet nutrition became a passion, with all the intricacies and challenges it involved. So, I did several certificate courses on the subject. Now, I’m pursuing a Diploma in Canine health and nutrition along with another certificate course on Holistic health for dogs, both from the British College of Canine Studies, UK.

I began Woof Wuffet in 2019, to share the joys of giving right nutrition to pets, without the stress for pet parents. My canine and feline partners are extremely enthusiastic about it since they got the titles of “taster” and “Quality analyst”. All recipes of Woof Wuffet are first approved by them and also by a qualified veterinarian nutritionist specialist. The intent of multiple recipes is :

a) to provide wholesome nutrition over a period of time

b) to provide a variety of dishes, so our best friends aren’t bored with their food

c) to provide holistic customized meal plans to suit a pet.

 After all, if processed foods don’t do humans any good, they won’t do any good to our fur babies.

We have weekly and monthly subscription meals. We will send a customized sample meal after understanding your pet’s requirements so that you can make an informed decision before you begin a subscription. 


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