Woof Wuffet





Woof Wuffet recipes contain real ingredients that are human grade. We use only fresh, antibiotic-free meat and organic grains and vegetables. We use a variety of vegetables and legumes that are dog friendly in meals (not all at once). Brown rice, red rice, Dalia (broken wheat), ground ragi (finger millet) and whole wheat pasta is used to provide variety and balanced nutrition over time. We use 4 meat proteins – Chicken, Mutton, Fish and Buffalo meat.

Meals contain boneless meat, although meat is slow cooked on the bones along with herbs to obtain maximum nutrition. Bones are removed after cooking. Organ meat is added twice a week in small quantities. Every ingredient in carefully thought out and is there to make the meal nutrient dense.  The most important ingredient that goes into every meal that is delivered from Woof Wuffet is “Love”.  Rest of the ingredients can be picked or customized by the pet parent as we like to give that flexibility to the most important person in the pet’s life – You.

All meals contain 50% meat protein; 30% veggies or legumes; 20% brown rice, red rice, ragi, dalia or whole wheat pasta. These can be customized as per your pet’s health requirement. Broth is added to meals unless your pet prefers their food dry. Herbs are part of every meal. 

Meals are pre-portioned as per the pet’s required intake and packed to make your job easier. Just open and serve. 

Chicken meal

Rs. 150 for 250 gms

Fish meal

Rs. 230 for 250 gms

Buff meal

Rs. 180 for 250 gms

Mutton meal

Rs. 290 for 250 gms

Chicken broth

Rs. 150 for 500 ml

Stock from slow cooked chicken bones; highly nutritious and essential for healthy joints of our pets. Herbs that are beneficial are added while cooking. Chicken broth is good for gut health; it aids an upset stomach and is good to detox liver.

Goat trotter broth

Rs. 250 for 500 ml

Nutrient and mineral rich broth of slow cooked goat trotters which helps in digestion and gut health, boosts immune system, relieves joint pains and is easy on the tummy.